RichPush – Ads Setup

13,459.00 10,499.00

For Best Deal

Ad Formats: Push

Bidding Model: CPC, CPM

Minimum Deposit: $100

Targeting: GEOs (Country, Region, City), OS, Device, Browser, Browser language, ISP, Time, New Subscribers, IP, Subscriber List, Publisher, Site, Site Section, Connection type, Carrier




Description: RichPush is an ad network that specializes in push traffic. With more than 450M users it’s one of the biggest push traffic sources in the world.

In their network, the top GEOs with huge volumes are India, Brazil, Mexico, USA. Top verticals are Sweepstakes, Nutra, Gambling, Dating, App Installs.

You could check the current stats yourself with RichPush Insights dashboard.

You’ll find cool features like Smart CPC that uses advanced machine learning to help you lower your cost-per-click as much as possible without any notable loss in conversions, or Micro Bidding for those, who want to manually fine-tune their campaigns for maximum accuracy and performance.


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