Exoclick Ads Setup With Free 3 Month Maintainance

60,599.00 55,299.00

For Best Deal

Exoclick Ads Setup: Push Notifications, Email Clicks, Interstitial Ads, Billboard Banner, Large Footer, In-Video Banner, Native Interstitial, Native Exit, Native Recommends, Display Banner, Sticky Banner, Popunders, Instant Messaging, Video Banners, Video Pre-Roll, Direct Links

Bidding Model: CPC

Minimum Deposit: $200

Targeting: Keyword, IP Range, Language, GEO, Contextual, Browser, OS, Device, Mobile Carrier, Site, Frequency Capping, Day-parting




There are few ad networks that can match Exoclick Ads Setup in terms of ad formats, targeting options or performance.

With over 212 billion ad impressions and precision targeting and cost control over your campaigns, ExoClick is a behemoth of a network with advanced tools for serious advertisers. State-of-the-art technology plus real-time-bidding, along with excellent security and tracking implementation is all engineered to perfection, giving advertisers access to a rich source of quality traffic at affordable rates.


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