DatsPush Ads Setup With Free 3 Month Maintainance

17,649.00 12,499.00

For Best Deal

DatsPush Ads Setup: Phone Push, Web Push, Rich Push

Bidding Model: CPC

Minimum Deposit: $50

Targeting: Web/Mobile, Geo, Carrier/IP, Browser/Platform, Black/White lists, Source/Audience




DatsPush Ads Setup is a fairly new network, but one that has set a high bar for other self-serving ad platforms to follow. It’s a platform built by affiliates, for affiliates.

You can target 250 countries in 120 GEOs, and with low bids, high-quality traffic, and daily payouts. It’s becoming a popular platform for CPA marketers in all major verticals.

Publishers also benefit from a CPA or Revshare model, making it one of the most attractive platforms whether you are on the demand or supply end of the spectrum.


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