Adcash – Ads Setup

13,999.00 10,599.00

For Best Deal

Ad Formats: Native, Display, Pop, Push, Interstitial

Bidding Model: CPC, CPA Target, CPM

Minimum Deposit: $100

Targeting: GEO, SSPs, User Interests, Keywords, Website Categories, Operating Systems, Devices, Browsers, Browser Language, Connection Types, Zones, Carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs)




Description: Adcash offers a state of the art DSP with advanced in-house ad technology and one of the widest targeting options in the industry.

The platform enables you to create highly-targeted worldwide campaigns across multiple ad formats through one interface. Plus, access to over 200+ leading SSPs and Adcash’s exclusive publishers to reach global audiences at any time on any device. With Adcash you can centralize all your media buying activities through a single platform, and optimize all your traffic sources in one place.


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